The unofficial "Linus drop database".

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Linus drops a Panasonic TOUGHBOOK to demonstrate it's Nokia-like ability

Elijah throws himself down the stairs like a king

Linus "nearly" drops an NZXT build in Secret Shopper 3

Linus breaks the WAN show table

"Controlled" Entry of a Pool destroys Linus' phone

i9-12900k drops face-first while Kallmekris watches

Linus drops glass pane and Jake predicts it

Good Job Linus on dropping a PROTOTYPE case

"Hard R" incident nearly drops the company

Linus drops the front panel from a MAINGEAR PC

Rare Prototype Backpack "Carabiner" is dropped by the short one

Yvonne accidentally pushes case cover (blame Linus)

Watch a man die inside after dropping a remote

Linus impresses his sister by dropping a case component

Linus plays Dominos with server-grade hard drives

Camera Blackout cardboard attacks Linus! (not clickbait)

Linus drops an i7 during an Intel-sponsored Tech Upgrade

How to lose 20TBs with Linus

Linus drops a $5000 EPSON Projector

Jake fails to throw a wrench and damages someone's car

Darkplate goes off the table during a ShortCircuit

Ryzen 5600G meets the ground (feat. bent pins)

James hits Linus with a Sonos soundbar

Test Bench falls during an A-roll shoot